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Applicant's FAQ - Registered Apprenticeship (RA)

Q: What is the best way to obtain an apprenticeship?

A: Often the best chance to obtain an apprenticeship is to find an employer willing to hire you and persuade them to provide skilled training. However, some large industrial/manufacturing plans have a bargaining agreement with a union that makes apprenticeship opportunities only available to workers already employed in their workforce.

Q. Do you provide apprenticeship sponsor listings?

A. Some featured sponsors choose to be listed or post openings on Wisconsin Job Center.

Q. Is there a waiting period before I can enter apprenticeship?

A. The waiting period to begin the program varies from trade to trade and depends on whether employers have jobs available. Once eligible for the program, applicants may wait several weeks or months, depending on economic conditions and employment opportunities.

Q. What happens when I become a registered apprentice?

A. You will sign a legal document called an Apprentice Contract between yourself, your apprenticeship sponsor, and the State of Wisconsin. This contract identifies the responsibilities and obligations that each party must hold as part of the apprenticeship.

Q. What is my cost for apprenticeship training?

A. Normal costs are tuition and books required for the course of instruction. The method used varies and costs are typically minimal compared to other educational programs.

Q. Can my current employer participate in apprenticeship training?

A. Yes, providing the occupation and your employer meet all eligibility requirements.

Q. Who do I contact for information in my area?

A. Once you've found an occupation or occupations that suit you, contact your local Apprenticeship Training Representative (ATR).