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Worker Advancement Initiative

The Worker Advancement Initiative serves people whose previous employment has not come back post-pandemic, as well as those who were not attached to or were not successful in the labor market prior to the pandemic, by offering subsidized employment and skills training opportunities with local employers. The program builds on the success of current transitional job programs in the state by launching a new, statewide effort to provide subsidized work opportunities to approximately 2,000 individuals.

Funds were awarded to each of Wisconsin's 11 workforce development boards, effective October 1, 2021, to operate a variety of projects. These projects are outlined in the Governor's Workforce Advancement Initiative press release.

Each workforce development board receiving Worker Advancement Initiative funds shall follow the guidance provided in the DET Worker Advancement Initiative's Project Implementation Plan

Individuals who are interested in learning more about local projects funded by Worker Advancement Initiative grants, or becoming a participant in a Worker Advancement Initiative program, should contact their local workforce development board.