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Previous Policy - 12.8 ASSET Service Management

12.8.3 Managing Career Services or Program Elements in ASSET

Effective date: TBD

For each career service or Youth program element that is provided to a participant, career planners must enter a corresponding service in ASSET and assign an Actual Open Date and an Actual Close Date. These dates must align with the first and last date the service is provided to the participant and must correspond with the required supporting documentation for Adult/DW and supporting documentation for Youth.1

Example: After meeting with a participant on July 1 to assist with their résumé, the career planner enters the Résumé Development service. The career planner and participant exchange emails related to the participant's résumé, including drafts with edits. On July 15, the career planner informs the participant that the résumé revision is completed and provides it to the participant. The Résumé Development service should have an Actual Open Date of July 1 and an Actual Close Date of July 15.

In many cases, this will result in service entries having Actual Open and Actual Close dates on the same day because provision of these services is not of an ongoing nature. A new service should be entered for each instance a service is provided. There is no limitation on the number of times a single participant may receive the same type of service as long as related documentation, which may include ASSET case notes, is available to substantiate the service delivery.