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Financial Record Matching (FRM) Program

A financial record matching program was implemented in June 2014 to exchange data quarterly with financial institutions.

The purpose of this program, authorized by Wisconsin Statutes § 108.223, is to identify the accounts of delinquent Unemployment Insurance employers and claimants.

DWD has contracted with Informatix, Inc., to assist with the program. Informatix, Inc., already handles a similar matching program for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Because of this, financial institutions will not be required to do any additional work when receiving the file. DWD records will be combined in the same file you are already handling for the Department of Revenue.

DWD treats all bank information as highly confidential. The contract between DWD and Informatix, Inc., includes confidentiality agreements that limit access only to authorized personnel working with the data match program.

This data match program is a vital tool in controlling the costs of Unemployment Insurance for all employers within the state.

Program Contacts

Informatix, Inc.

Shashank Partha
DWD-Unemployment Insurance