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PART 3 - Wage File Upload Data Formats

Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Employers (UCB-201-P)
Section 4 - Wage Reporting

Wisconsin UI Format - Alternative 1

Example of Wisconsin UI Format

This record format contains the employer UI account number and employee wage record information and quarter designation in one self contained record per employee.

Location Field Length Description & Remarks
01-10 Employer UI Account Number 10 Enter Your 10-digit UI Account Number.
Example: If your account number is 123456-000-7, positions 1-10 should contain 1234560007.
11-13 Reporting Period Quarter Year (QYY) 3 Enter Quarter and Year to which this report applies (e.g. 312 for the third quarter of 2012).
14-22 Social Security Number 9 If not available, fill with zeroes.
23-32* Last Name 10 Left justify and fill with blanks.
33-40* First Name 8 Left justify and fill with blanks.
41-49 Employee Quarterly UI Total Gross Wages 9 Right justify and zero fill. Enter dollars and cents. Do not use commas, decimal points, or dollar signs. Example: If employee's wages are $6425.00, positions 41-49 should contain the value 000642500.
50-51 Record Code 2 Should ALWAYS contain '01'
52-80* Blank 29 Space-fill characters 52 - 80, and place carriage return in position 81.

* Locations 23-40 may be used for employee name. If unable to accommodate last name in locations 23-32 and first name in locations 33-40, you can use locations 23-40 for the name field. If using as a name field enter an 'S' if the surname appears first or enter an 'F' if the first name appears first in location 80. This field should be left blank if treating the name as separate fields.

Omit titles, e.g., Mr., Mrs., Ms. DR or MD, from the name field. Use uppercase letters only. Do not use punctuation. Parts of a compound surname must be connected by a hyphen. Leading letters (e.g., 'O', 'Mc', etc.) must not be separated from the rest of the surname by a blank.

Note that each line in the file is an 80 byte record, terminated by a carriage return. Files may be rejected if carriage returns are not placed in the correct position within the file.

Updated: March 1, 2013

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