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Pre-Employment Drug Testing Program


Wisconsin employers may report the name of anyone who either fails or refuses to take a pre-employment drug test for the unlawful use of a controlled substance that is a condition of the offer of employment. Unemployment Insurance (UI) makes it easy for employers to report this information and will keep the information secure and confidential.

What is the Pre-Employment Drug Testing Program?

Failing or refusing to take a pre-employment drug test is presumed to be a refusal of suitable work.

If a claimant fails a pre-employment drug test for the unlawful use of a controlled substance (without a valid prescription) and has not established that they had good cause, the claimant will be offered the option to attend treatment and complete a skills assessment before UI benefits are denied.

  • If the claimant agrees to undergo drug treatment and complete a skills assessment, and does so in the required timeframes, they may continue to collect UI benefits while they address the underlying barriers preventing them from being work-ready. UI will furnish the claimant with referrals and instructions so they can complete the assessment and access treatment directly. The claimant must also continue to meet all other program requirements.
  • If the claimant does not agree to treatment, they cannot continue to collect UI benefits.

For more information please see the Program Fact Sheet or visit UI Handbook for Employers (Section 1 - Benefits, Part 7 - Eligibility Issues).

How to Submit Positive Test Results or Refused Pre-Employment Drug Testing Form?

Complete form UCB-18102-E, Pre-Employment Drug Testing - Employer Reported Refusal to Submit or Positive Test Result.

  • For a failed drug test submit the form within 3 business days of receiving the positive test results from a DHHS certified lab.
  • For a refused drug test submit the form within 3 business days of the applicant refusal.

Send by mail to:

Department of Workforce Development
Unemployment Insurance
P.O. Box 7905
Madison, WI 53707

or fax to:

(608) 260-2506

More Questions?

For additional questions specific to pre-employment drug testing, please email