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Learn about worker rights—in 60 seconds!

March 16, 2021

ERD 60 second videos

Wisconsinites can quickly and easily find expert guidance on workplace and civil rights challenges thanks to a new video series from the Department of Workforce Development's Equal Rights Division.

The 60-Second Question series, recently made available on YouTube, is part of DWD's efforts to educate the public about worker rights and responsibilities in an age when more and more people are getting information on their phones.

"Our Equal Rights Division employs the state's experts on worker protection and civil rights laws. We don't want folks to only reach out to us when they have a complaint; we want them to bring us their questions, too." said Jesús Villa, DWD Equal Rights Division Administrator.

"The workforce is changing. We have to find new and unique ways to connect people to our services, and the 60-second video platform is a great way to do that." added Janelle Massey, Equal Rights Division Senior Communications Specialist and face of the video series.

Topics covered are taken directly from questions DWD receives from the public, ensuring they are relevant and timely. The mission of DWD's Equal Rights Division is to help make Wisconsin a fair and just place for all people to work by serving as the state's first-stop resource for anyone wanting to know more about Wisconsin's fair employment laws and civil rights.

After schools went remote last March, the Equal Rights Division received phone calls and emails from parents wondering if their teens could work during their virtual school day. The topic was unique, but the answer was brief enough that it could be made into a quick video clip. The 60-second video, "If my child's school is virtual this year, can he/she work during the day?" explains that minors are only permitted to work during school hours if their virtual learning is prerecorded and available at any time.

While the department says the 60-Second Questions video series has been well-received, DWD wants more people to see and share them. Wisconsinites knowing their rights and responsibilities helps our workforce and their families, and strengthens our economy.

Wisconsin workers who want to know more about Wisconsin labor standards and worker protections should visit ERD's website.

To submit a suggestion for a future video topic, email your question to DWD's Equal Rights Division at using "60 seconds" in the subject line.