Dane County Job Center Training Schedule

The City of Madison Department of Civil Rights offers free training to job-seekers, employers, and the public regarding equal opportunities laws and employment practices. The Wisconsin Equal Rights Division has partnered with the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights to offer free training regarding laws under both City of Madison and State of Wisconsin jurisdiction. The sessions below marked with an asterisk (*) are presented by both agencies. The sessions not marked with an asterisk are the sole responsibility of the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights.

2020 Sessions

Date: First Friday of every month
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Cost: Free
Dane County Job Center
1819 Aberg Ave.
Madison, WI

Register for a training by contacting Jennifer Seese, jennifer.seese@dwd.wisconsin.gov

Date Session Description
01/03/2020 *Social Media: For better or worse, social media is here to stay. This training session will explore the ways in which social media information is used in employment and housing, with a clear explanation of your privacy rights under the law.
02/07/2020 *National Origin/Ancestry Discrimination: Explore legal protections against employment discrimination because of an employee's nation of origin or ancestry, including the way that the law interacts with an employee's immigration status and the use of "English only" rules in employment.
03/06/2020 Employment Bias
04/03/2020 *Fair Employment Practices: What is unlawful discrimination versus unfair treatment? This training session will answer that question; discuss what employers legally can and cannot do; and what characteristics (i.e. race, sex, disability) are legally protected from discrimination. The training will also provide suggested best practices for employers and employees to create an inclusive workplace free from discrimination.
05/01/2020 *Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity: This training session covers the trending topics of sexual orientation and gender identity in public spaces, focusing on laws that prohibit discrimination because of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
06/05/2020 *Disability & Genetic Identity: This training session will explore what it means to have a disability under the law, the steps an employer must take to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability, and legal limits on the use of genetic information in employment.
07/03/2020 *Discrimination & Workers Rights: This training session will cover employment anti-discrimination laws (i.e. discrimination because of race, sex, disability, etc.) and laws regarding payment of wages; wage deductions; calculating hours worked; and payment of overtime. The training will also explain how to file discrimination complaints and wage and hour complaints.
08/07/2020 *Sex & Sexual Harassment: In the #Metoo era, there is a renewed emphasis on sex and sexual harassment in the workplace. This training session will discuss your rights to a workplace free from sexual harassment or harassment because of sex, how to relate to coworkers and supervisors, and what to do if you experience or witness sexual harassment.
09/04/2020 RaISE: Referrals and Interviews for Sustainable Employment
10/02/2020 *Race Discrimination: This training session provides an overview of race-based employment discrimination, including disparate treatment of employees because of race, the use of racialized language, and the ways in which claims of racial discrimination are proved.
11/06/2020 *Arrest & Conviction Record: It's illegal to discriminate in hiring, in terms or conditions of employment, or by terminating the employment of an individual with an arrest or conviction record that is not substantially related to the duties of the position. This training session will discuss those legal protections, how to evaluate what offenses are "substantially related" to a job, and what information an employer must have before it makes the decision to take an adverse action against an employee because of their arrest or conviction record.
12/04/2020 Workplace Equity

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