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How to File a Labor Standards Complaint

Types Of Complaints:

Cessation of Health Care Benefits

For these complaints you must use the Cessation of Health Care Benefits Complaint Form (ERD-12193). The complaint may be filed by a current employee of the business, a retired employee of the business, a former employee of the business, a Union Representative, or a dependent of an employee or retiree.

General Labor Standards

We may also receive General Labor Standards complaints on the Labor Standards Complaint Form, online or via mail, from anyone alleging a place of employment violated one or more state labor standards requirements (i.e. overtime, minimum wage, employment of minors, etc).

File a Complaint

Plant Closing/Mass Lay-Off Notification Law

These complaints use the Plant Closing/Mass Lay-off Notification Complaint Form (ERD-9646-E). The complaint can be filed by a laid off employee, a discharged employee, a soon to be laid off/discharged employee, the highest municipal official, or a union representative.

Wage Claim

Any current or former employee may file a wage claim against a place of employment alleging the employee has not been paid all agreed upon wages. Or they may file a wage claim in court within two years of when the wages were earned and payable.

File a Complaint

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