Reporting Fraud by a Recipient of Public Assistance


The law protects individuals from retaliation for reporting certain fraudulent claims involving claims against Department of Health Services, Department of Children and Families, a county, a tribal government or employee of one of these entities.

The complaint must be filed within 300 days after the violation occurs or when the employee or employee's representative first obtains knowledge of the violation.

The Law

The law states that the department, a county, a tribal governing body, or an employee of the department, a county, or a tribal governing body may not take disciplinary action against, or threaten to take disciplinary action against, any person because the person in good faith reported any information, initiated, participated in or testified in any matter relating to fraud by a recipient of public assistance from programs such as; aid to families with dependent children, Wisconsin Works program, medical assistance, food stamp programs, supplemental security income payments, support of children of supplemental security income and health care benefits under the Badger Care health care program.

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