Retaliation Protection Under the Elder Abuse Laws

Section 46.90(4)(b)2.b. of the Wisconsin Statutes provides that the Equal Rights Division has the authority to accept complaints of retaliation against an employee who reported the abuse or neglect of an elderly person to the county department, elder-adult-at-risk agency, state or local law enforcement, the department, or Board on Aging and Long-Term Care. Victims of unlawful retaliation may file a Retaliation Complaint within 300 days after the retaliation.

For more information about where the original complaint of abuse or neglect may be filed, please see the Department of Health Services Elder Abuse page.

Other statutes that also address Elder Abuse reporting and retaliation are Sections 16.009 and 50.07 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Our jurisdiction is established under Section 106.54 of the Wisconsin Statutes

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