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Online Hearing Instructions

You are participating in an online hearing via Webex. Instruction for this process is outlined below. Please read this document carefully prior to your hearing. If you require technical or other assistance, please contact the party responsible for arranging the hearing.

Tech Requirements

Other Requirements

Prior to the hearing date

The day of the hearing

Your Testimony




It is strongly recommended that all parties test their connection prior to the prehearing conference. Limited technical assistance related to Webex meeting connectivity issues may be addressed by the Equal Rights Division at their discretion. You are participating in an online hearing via Webex. The Equal Rights Division does not provide technical assistance for Webex online hearings. Please test your connection and technical capabilities prior to the hearing. In the event that a witness is unable to attend the hearing, for any reason, they MUST contact their attorney or the party who called them to testify as soon as possible.


Parties or Attorney, please contact your ALJ.

Witnesses, please contact the attorney or party calling you to testify.