ePayment Center

This is the Department of Workforce Development’s ePayment Center. From here you can conveniently reach four programs in the Department that collect payments using electronic funds transfer (EFT) or eCheck. By completing the steps in the programs to the right your payment to the Department of Workforce Development is automatically deducted from your bank account and sent electronically to the Department’s bank account. Just click on the link to the right for the program you wish to enter.

Below is a list of the programs that are accepting electronic payments:

  1. Equal Rights Division's Child Labor Work Permits is used by work permit offices to pay the Department of Workforce Development's share of work permit fees collected by permit offices.
  2. Public Assistance Collections is used by clients to pay debts for over-issued public assistance benefits.
  3. Workers Compensation Division's Uninsured Employers Fund is used to pay Uninsured Employers Fund assessments.

ePayment Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Technical requirements for using the ePayment Center.

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