Retaliation Complaint

Document Number: ERD-18359-E

Description: This form should be used to file a claim of retaliation under section 111.322(2m) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Comments: This form should be used to file retaliation complaints if you believe you were retaliated against because:

  • you filed or assisted with a complaint filed with the Equal Rights Division,
  • your employer believed that you did or would file or assist with such a complaint or
  • you attempted to, or your employer believed that you attempted to formally enforce any right under any of the following laws:
    • Wage Claim Law
    • Overtime Law
    • Illegal Wage Deduction Law
    • Employment of Minors Law
    • Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Law
    • Open Personnel Records Law
    • Health Care Worker Protection Law
    • Employee Right to Know Law
    • Public or Tribal Employees Reporting Fraudulent Activities Law
    • Wisconsin Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Leave Law
    • Social Media Law
    • Mergers, Acquisitions, Dispositions, Relocations or Cessation of Operations Affecting Employees Law
    • Cessation of Health Care Benefits affecting Employees, Retirees and Dependents Law
    • Regulation of Traveling Sales Crew Law

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