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Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Equal Opportunity Employer

DWD is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. If you have a disability and need to access this information in an alternate format or need it translated to another language, please contact DWD Equal Employment Opportunities Officer.

Physical Accessibility

To assure the physical accessibility of to as many Wisconsin citizens as possible, DWD staff designed universally accessible PC workstations located in the Job Centers.

Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Accessibility Statement (and Disclaimer)

We are committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone, regardless of what you use to browse it. However, our website is created and updated by a variety of people so, understandably, errors and discrepancies may occur and the site's accessibility and usability may suffer as a result. We strive to follow our accessibility guidelines and never publish knowingly web content that doesn't accord with them. We are grateful for feedback concerning any mistakes or hindrances to accessibility you encounter here.

Standards Compliance

This site is built according to web standards (valid HTML and CSS) and thus increases the chances that it will render properly in a range of browsers and assistive technology for persons with disabilities.

Structural Markup

The site uses semantically correct markup, meaning we accurately convey the structure of the page. H2 tags are used for main sections, H3 tags for subsections. For example, JAWS users can navigate from section to section via the headings within the page by pressing INSERT + F6. To navigate headings with Opera, press: "S" to cycle forwards through the headings on a page and "W" to cycle backwards through the headings on a page.

Contrast & legibility

We have tried to ensure that both the contrast between the text and background colors, and the size and choice of fonts, result in an easily-read site for as many of our visitors as possible. However, any feedback about our site's legibility is gratefully received.

Skip Header Link

Each of this website's pages has a "Skip Header link", that allows screen reader users to jump straight to the main content area of our pages. Being able to bypass the header (logos, search box and main navigation area) of every page will speed-up your journey around that page.

Site Map

Our Site Map gives you an overview of the content of our website and a better idea about the way it is organized, to help you find your way around.



Visual Design

Access Keys

We decided not to define any Access Keys on the site. On the face of it, Access Keys are a great idea. But unfortunately there are problems with them in practice. For example, there can be conflict when a website defines an Access Key that has already been defined for another purpose by your browser, assistive technology (for the disabled) or Operating System.

Accessibility References