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Resource Ownership

(Issued April 2012)
(Reviewed May 2014)


To inform staff that resource ownership can be used as an option for consumers to achieve their employment outcome.


It can be considered when other traditional and customized job development efforts have been unsuccessful or when the consumers employment needs will best be addressed through use of the strategy. Prior to approval of a Resource Ownership opportunity, review and approval is required of the WDA Director.

Resource Ownership:

Resource Ownership is the creation of a job match for a consumer, which is consistent with the consumer’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice, through the purchase of equipment and/or materials creating an opportunity for an individual to be hired by an employer. Through the consumer coming to the business with the equipment and/or materials the consumer is meeting an employer’s unfulfilled business need, creating the potential for a larger customer base, and/or allowing the employer to offer a new service to existing customers.

The consumer is the owner of the equipment; operates the equipment for their employment; and, the consumer is considered an employee of the business. The consumer may have other assigned duties as well.

The focus of resource ownership should be on meeting the consumer’s employment needs through good job development. Staff should use caution to ensure the consumer is protected against exploitation and to not use this method as a way to “buy a job” for the consumer.

Resource Ownership is NOT:

Examples of Resource Ownership:

Funding for Resource Ownership:

As with other services DVR purchasing polices apply (e.g. comparable benefits, least cost option to meet the consumers need, fee schedule, and delegated spending, etc.). Comparable benefits for this type of purchase may include: Family Care; long term care funding; and IRIS funding. It is possible to negotiate some cost sharing between funding sources. A consumer can also voluntarily contribute towards the funding of the equipment (e.g., Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS), IRWE, private pay).

Setting up a Resource Ownership Agreement:

An agreement with the employer should be simple and approximately one page. The criteria required to be examined and addressed in a written agreement are:

Approval of Resource Ownership Opportunities:

As early in the process when resource ownership is being discussed the WDA Director should be consulted for review and approval. The Director should complete their review within five (5) business days and document their decision in IRIS. This review and approval will ensure the process is being used as intended, allow for tracking, and continual improvement. The WDA Director may consult with the Policy Analysts as needed on these cases.

Additional resources on Resource Ownership:

Resource Ownership: An Introductory Brief for Customizing Employment

This guidance piece was developed, adapted, and copied from Griffin, C.C., Hammis, D. & Geary, T . (2007). Resource Ownership Self-Determined Economic Development; The Job Developer’s Handbook. Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing. Resource OwnershipTM is a trademarked term.