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DVR Competitive Integrated Employment(CIE) Guidance

July 2020


To inform DVR staff of required criteria for a job to be considered competitive integrated employment (CIE) per the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).


DVR provides services to individuals seeking employment that is competitive and integrated.

Competitive employment refers to work that:

An employment setting must satisfy specific criteria to be considered an integrated location for the purpose of the VR program.

To meet the definition of CIE, an employment setting must be:

DVR is responsible for determining if an employment setting is integrated and satisfies the definition of CIE.

Note: Self-employment and Telework can be considered CIE if the employment is considered typical for individuals without disabilities and if the company using telework is not established specifically for the purpose of employing individuals with disabilities.

Examples of settings that do not meet the criteria for CIE include:

See the RSA website for the Integrated Location Criteria of the Definition of “Competitive Integrated Employment" FAQs.

If DVR staff are unsure if a setting meets the requirements of CIE, consult with your supervisor. The checklist below can be used to do a site visit to make this determination.

To be considered a CIE setting, all the following points must be true: