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IPE Services Temporarily Interrupted

Issued November 2004; Updated February 2021


To provide staff with criteria for determining if a case should be temporarily interrupted.


If a consumer cannot continue making progress toward achieving their IPE goal, there are two alternatives: temporarily interrupting services or closing the case. In these situations, DVR staff and the consumer should determine if the case should be temporarily interrupted or considered for case closure.

Criteria to temporarily interrupt services

If the decision is made to temporarily interrupt IPE services, this must be case noted in an IRIS general case note.

It is important that consumers continue to maintain contact with DVR every 30 days. Staff should use that contact to get updated information and suggest service options using vocational rehabilitation counseling strategies. If staff and the consumer decide to interrupt services, and the consumer does not respond to monthly contact via multiple methods and multiple attempts, follow case closure guidance.

If any of the above criteria are not met, the case should be closed, and the consumer should reapply when they are ready to participate in vocational rehabilitation services.

Exceptions to these criteria are possible based on individual need and circumstances and should be documented in the case record with a rationale. Consult with local management in these instances.