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Existing Business Fee Schedule for Employment and Wage Assessment (EWA) and Debt/Asset Ratio Analysis

Effective July 1, 2021

Statewide Provider: CAP Services, Inc.

  1. Employment and Wage Assessment (EWA)

    $950, code 021

    Send single line Purchase Order and Referral Information to:

    Jean Cook

    • Provider will make initial contact with consumer within 5 business days of receiving referral.
    • Upon receiving all information from consumer, will complete assessment and submit to DVR within 30 days.
  2. Second assessment service of Debt/Asset Ratio Analysis: This is authorized as a second service if consumer does not meet policy for EWA.

    Debt to Asset Ratio Analysis

    5 hours, at $85/hour, code 021

    Send single line Purchase Order and Consumer's submitted Business Debt/Asset Sheet current within last 12 months to:

    Jean Cook

    • If provider needs more than 5 hours to complete service, provider will let DVR Staff Person know.
    • Consumer must have a debt/asset ratio sheet to submit provider, that's been updated within 12 months or less. This can be obtained from consumer's lender or DVR can authorize for service as needed via an accountant.