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Program/Topic Area Contacts

After reviewing the following information, if you do not find a specific contact for your concern or question (or cannot reach either the contact or back-up), you may call 800-442-3477 or email and you will receive a response within three (3) business days.

If you have an immediate need, you may call the DVR general number at:

  • Voice: 608-261-0050
  • Toll Free: 800-442-3477

Location and Contact Information

DVR Program/Topic Area Contacts
Program/Topic Area Contact Person Back-up
Accessibility (DVR Locations) Lenn Schneider Deanna Krell
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act Patti Johnson Meredith Dressel
Meredith Dressel
(Consumer Services)
Allison Gordon Anna Eggebrecht
(Management Services)
Deanna Krell Andrew Eastman
Affirmative Action/
Equal Opportunity
Timara Budack
Agreements/Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) Kathleen Enders David Knuth
Annual Report
(DWD Secretary's Office)
Tyler Jerke Meredith Dressel
Appeals Kathleen Enders
Audits (State/Federal) Meredith Dressel
Audit Review (Vendor) David Knuth Kathleen Enders
Budget Lenn Schneider Deanna Krell
Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Kathleen Enders
Center for Consumer Payments (CCP) Kathleen Enders Deanna Krell
Client Assistance Program (CAP) Jennifer Espinoza Forlenza  
Communication/Public Information Tyler Jerke Kaylyn Schoone
Confidentiality (Consumer/Staff) Tania Hanford Sarah Kuehn
Consumer Activities/Complaints Allison Gordon Anna Eggebrecht
Federal Regulations & State Laws Sarah Kuehn Tania Hanford
Forms/Publications Sam Assfaw Tyler Jerke
Grants Management/Monitoring Lenn Schneider Deanna Krell
Independent Living Council & State Plan Sarah Kuehn Meredith Dressel
External/Internal Web Coordination Sam Assfaw Tyler Jerke
Legislation/Legislative Meredith Dressel
Media/Public Information Tyler Jerke
Native American Partnership Tom Draghi Anna Eggebrecht
Open Records Requests Mickey Kienast Tyler Jerke
Order of Selection (OOS) Tania Hanford Sarah Kuehn
Performance Measures Andrew Eastman Allison Gordon
Policy Manual Sarah Kuehn Tania Hanford
Program Data Charles Olson Andrew Eastman
Project SEARCH Paige Parr Deanna Krell
Records Management Tyler Jerke Kaylyn Schoone
Social Security Programs Tania Hanford Kathleen Enders
SSI/SSDI Cost Reimbursements Dan Upp Andrew Eastman
State Plan Deanna Krell Meredith Dressel
Ticket to Work Tania Hanford Sarah Kuehn
Transition (IDEA) Sarah Kuehn Allison Gordon
Wisconsin Rehabilitation Council (WRC) DVR WI Rehab Council Kaylyn Schoone