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Central Management Team


Delora Newton
Email: Delora Newton
Phone: 608-261-4576

Deputy Administrator

Meredith Dressel
Email:Meredith Dressel
Phone: 608-261-0075
Responsible for overall management of the Division's functions.

Bureau Director, Consumer Services

Allison Gordon
Email: Allison Gordon
Phone: 608-261-0073
Leadership for the day-to-day operation of the Division's field-based consumer services.

Assistant Bureau Director, Consumer Services

Anna Eggebrecht
Email: Anna Eggebrecht
Phone: 920-461-0026

Bureau Director, Management Services

Diana Kiesling
Email: Diana Kiesling
Phone: 608-261-0074
Leadership for the Division's fiscal, budgeting, information technology functions, and program assistant support to Central Office.

Section Chief, Program Development

Kathleen Enders
Email: Kathleen Enders
Phone: 608-261-0049

Section Chief, Special Services

John Gelletta
Email: John Gelletta
Phone: 608-261-0079