Youth Apprenticeship Training

About the training modules:

The following modules use Adobe Captivate. You will need Adobe Flash Player to view these modules.

Read before viewing

  1. Module may take a few moments to load, due to audio file size.
  2. To advance the slides click on the FORWARD and BACK arrows.
  3. To EXIT the module, use the browser's BACK button. The exit button within the module is not active.
  4. To advance through the slides it's best to use the FORWARD and BACK arrows. You can use the SLIDER bar to advance quickly. However, the audio does not play until you press the Play button to activate audio. Also audio may start in the middle of the of the slide. 

Using the YA Curriculum

A 7.5-minute video explaining the components and use of the Youth Apprenticeship curriculum in your consortium, with your instructors, and with employers at the worksite.

Career Cluster Video Training Resources

For additional details about the Career Cluster video links below, please visit the respective program pages.

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