Related-Technical Instructor Responsibilities as Shown in the Flow Chart


  1. Does class exist for related technical instruction?
    1.  No
      •  Create class curriculum
      •  Align with YA curriculum & certification standards (if applicable)
      •  Determine class schedule
      •  Create lesson plans
      •  THEN back to step 4
    2.  Yes- To step 3
  3.  Incorporate/ensure YA Learning Objectives are covered in existing class
  4.  Student enrolls in related technical instruction class
  5.  Train student on specific Learning Objectives of YA program
  6.  Consult with Employer to ensure curriculum is coordinated with worksite learning
  7.  Participate in YA reviews, if asked
  8.  Assess and grade student for class work
  9.  Obtain class evaluation feedback
  10.  Provide YA Coordinator & Employer class evaluation feedback
  11.  Use evaluation feedback to make changes for next class session K12