Students Flow Chart Text

  1. Student expresses interest in a Career Cluster
  2. Inform parents, K12 Guidance Counselor, & Teachers
  3. Obtain career materials (plans of study) from Guidance
  4. Research desired Career Pathways in Career Cluster
  5. Is there an interest in a specific Pathway?
    1. Yes- To step 6
    2. No- Back to step 3
  6. Job shadow someone with a desired occupation in that pathway
  7. Is there still an interest in a specific pathway?
    1. Yes- To step 8
    2. No- Back to step 3
  8. Explore specific occupations, academic requirements, & STW opportunities
  9. Will YA provide appropriate opportunities?
    1. Yes- To step 10
    2. No- Back to step 8
  10. Choose applicable YA program
  11. Discuss time commitment with parents
  12. Register for YA program at school
  13. Interview for job placements
  14. Is student hired?
    1. Yes- To step 15
    2. No- Back to step 13
  15. Sign ETA & BID (if applicable) forms
  16. Arrange for transportation to and from work
  17. Keep good attendance at school and work
  18. Exhibit maturity & responsibility at work
  19. Manage checklist and curriculum materials
  20. Maintain academic skills at school
  21. Participate in YA reviews
  22. Complete YA program
  23. Graduate HS
  24. What will you do after HS?
  25. Choose work, post-secondary or military
  26. NOTE: USE YA Checklist for portfolio for resumes and job/school applications