K12 School Responsibilities as Shown in the Flow Chart

  1. Recruit new students to YA
  2. Provide Career Cluster & YA materials to school counselors, teacher, parents, and students
  3. Student expresses interest in a career cluster
  4. Provide student with career materials (plans of study)
  5. Provide students with opportunities to explore careers and STW options
  6. Does student want to enroll in YA?
    1. Yes- To step 7
    2. No- Back to step 5
  7. Register student for YA program
  8. Send Registration Form copy to YA Consortium Coordinator
  9. Create a YA Plan of Study for the student which outlines schedule, required classes, related instruction, and work
  10. Arrange job interviews with K12 coordinator
  11. Is student hired?
    1. Yes- To step 12
    2. No- Back to step 10
  12. Sign ETA; maintain copy at school1
  13. Work with employer & instructor to ensure curriculum is taught and coordinated
  14. Participate in YA reviews
  15. Document comments and additional training/seminars on Competency Checklist
  16. Ensure school district graduation requirements are met
  17. Ensure student completes Program Requirements and hours within 90d of last day
  18. Complete student follow up