Employer and Mentor Responsibilities as shown in Flow Chart



  1. Obtain approval for YA program from management & organized labor
  2. Assign mentors
  3. Schedule specific time for mentor to perform duties
  4. Interview potential YA students
  5. Hire YA Student?
    1. Yes - To step 6
    2. No - Back to step 4
  6. Hire & orient student
  7. Sign ETA; Run BID if needed; Provide worker’s compensation for hours worked
  8. Ensure safe working environments
  9. Ensure student is closely or directly supervised



  1. Mentor is assigned
  2. Attend mentor training
  3. Create a training plan and schedule hours for the YA student in compliance with Child Labor Laws
  4. Work with school and consortium to determine teaching of Learning Objectives
  5. Train student on Competencies & applicable Learning Objectives Schedule and rotate student through applicable departments as required to train for EACH competency
  6. Assess competency mastery according to Performance Standards
  7. Did student master competency?
    1. Yes - To step 8
    2. No - Allow for more practice and/or training as needed, THEN back to step 6
  8. Document mastery on checklist
  9. Send final completed copy of Competency Checklist to DWD
  10. Ensure student is closely or directly supervised
  11. Assign other trainers as appropriate, participate in YA reviews, work with K12 & YA Coordinator to ensure hours and competencies met within 90d of last day, and provide YA Coordinator with feedback on curriculum & students