YA Coordinator Responsibilities as Shown in the Flow Chart

There are four areas of responsibility, an explanation of each follows.

First Responsibility

  1. Recruit new students to YA
  2. Provide career cluster & YA materials to K12 coordinators, school counselors, and teachers
  3. Speak at Schools and career nights

Second Responsibility

  1. Recruit new employers to YA
  2. Attend career fairs and chamber of commerce events
  3. Address HR policy, job classes, and liability

Third Responsibility

  1. Student enrolls in YA
  2. Copy registration form to DWD
  3. Arrange job interviews with K12 coordinator
  4. Is student hired?
    1. Yes- To step 5
    2. No- Back to step 3
  5. Train mentors
  6. Work with employers & instructor to ensure curriculum is taught & coordinated
  7. Ensure student completes program requirements and hours within 90d of last day
  8. Collect data on YA students, curriculum and program

Fourth Responsibility

  1. Maintain DWD approved YA Program
  2. Host committee to determine delivery of curriculum
  3. Determine who is appropriate to teach related instruction
  4. Document instructor qualifications
  5. Obtain appropriate local articulation agreements for related technical instruction
  6. Establish and maintain grievance procedure
  7. Develop process to monitor program, ensure curriculum is followed, progress reviews completed, hours met, academic requirements met
  8. Maintain program files
  9. Collate YA program data on YA program, curriculum, students
  10. Use data to evaluate and improve YA program