Starting a Youth Apprenticeship Program

Step 1 - Assess the local climate

In order to assure success, it is critical to first assess the support and receptiveness of the local community. "Community" may include one city and school or reach an entire regional, multiple city/school district area. Research the following questions:

Step 2 - Form a steering committee

The YA program requires a long-term commitment from employers, schools, and the community. Local leaders with persistence and vision are needed to successfully develop, implement, and maintain a YA program.

Step 3 - Select YA program offerings

Step 4 - Inform the community

Step 5 - Recruit employers

Step 6 - Design the YA Program

While state guidelines provide an overall framework for the YA program, the actual operating design is to be determined by the Steering Committee.

Step 7 - Secure approval

Step 8 - Recruit students

Step 9 - Train instructors and mentors

Step 10 - Develop operational procedures

Develop procedures to establish local YA program operation details
for the following critical activities:

 YA Regulations, Policy, and Procedures Manual 2018 (PDF)

Action Planning Guide for Local Communities (PDF)

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