Youth Apprenticeship Mentoring

In mentored on-the-job training, the mentor serves as a guide and sponsor of the Youth Apprentice, and encourages the student's progress in the workplace.

A Mentor Is...

"A mentor is a an older, more experienced person who seeks to further the development of character and competence in a younger person by guiding the latter in acquiring mastery of progressively more complex skills and tasks in which the mentor is already proficient. The guidance is accomplished though demonstration, instruction, challenge, and encouragement on a more or less regular basis over an extended period of time. In the course of this process, the mentor and the young person develop a special bond of mutual commitment. In addition, the younger person's relationship to the mentor takes on an emotional character of respect, loyalty, and identification."

. . . Urie Bronfenbrenner


Wisconsin YA Employer and Mentor Responsibilities Flow Chart
(Flow chart text)

YA Employer and Mentor Responsibilities Flow Chart

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