Youth Apprenticeship Grant Information

2020-2021 Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Request for Proposal (RFP)

The application period for Youth Apprenticeship Local Grants for the 2020-2021 school year is now CLOSED. 2020-2021 RFP Materials are for informational use only.

The purpose of the grant is to sustain and expand the statewide youth apprenticeship program. All local partnerships must be approved by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to operate a Youth Apprenticeship Program.

Funding under this RFP is available to local consortiums, which mutually implement and coordinate a YA program via a local consortium steering committee. Local consortiums are defined as:

Grant requests are limited to $900 per youth apprentice served, and grantees must serve at least 25 students to be eligible. All grant awards are contingent upon the availability of state funds. The grant application materials are available for review below.

2020-2021 Local Youth Apprenticeship RFP Application Materials

YA Biannual Student Profiles are a required part of the annual grant. This form can be found at: Youth Apprenticeship Forms and Publications.

This year, a Letter of Intent to Apply is required for each RFP Application. The Letter of Intent should include:

If you have questions about the youth apprenticeship program or desire technical assistance in planning a new program, please contact:

Youth Apprenticeship Staff:
Amy Phillips (608) 733-3914
Olivia Conklin (608) 733-3862
Craig Henrickson (608) 733-3880

2020-2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) Bidders Webinar

The 2020-2021 RFP Bidders Webinar is now available. This webinar explains the grant application and highlights changes from the previous year.

Third Quarter Budget Modifications

March 31st was the deadline for students to enroll in the 2019-20 year for Youth Apprenticeship. Our statewide enrollment for 2019-20 stands at 6042, which is another all-time high for the Youth Apprenticeship program. Although we exceeded our enrollment goals statewide, there were still some consortiums that individually did not meet their enrollment goals, and will be required to give back funding due to the $900 per student cap. There are also several consortiums that surpassed their original enrollment goal. Due to the language in Act 370 and State Accounting rules, the purchase orders for the YA Local grants cannot be modified to reallocate funds from under-enrolled YA consortium to ones who have met and exceed their enrollment, as was completed in prior years.

We are still able to make modifications to purchase orders with no net change (increasing one line item while decreasing another) in addition to modifications to reduce overall funding that impacts line items.

The Third Quarter Modification Form can be found here.

All forms must be returned by May 18, 2020. Once all forms are returned, modifications will be routed and approved. The approval process may be moved up if all consortiums submit their forms before the due date.