Youth Apprenticeship Employers

YA would not exist without the commitment by local employers to develop the next generation of workers

What is the YA program?

Youth Apprenticeship (YA) is a highly successful talent acquisition strategy in which employers hire high school juniors or seniors for a one or two-year apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, the student continues toward high school graduation and takes courses related to the profession as a way of enhancing what is being learned on the job. The YA Program is coordinated locally by regional consortia and overseen by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD). Each consortium typically includes several participating high schools. Employers may hire from more than one high school and even work with multiple consortia to meet their hiring needs.

Employer Benefits

Meeting Business Needs: Prepare the next generation of workers for your industry / business!

Career Programs

Approved YA career programs in Wisconsin

Employer Responsibilities in the YA Program

Key responsibilities of YA employers:

Students flowchart (Text only)

Requirements for YA Employment

Youth Apprenticeship Employment

Hiring Minors

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