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Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship Coordinators are the backbone of the local Youth Apprenticeship program operations, coordinating the efforts of the many partners involved withserving students in the local consortium.

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The purpose of the grant is to sustain and expand the statewide youth apprenticeship program. All local partnerships must be approved by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to operate a Youth Apprenticeship Program.

YA Program Application Guidelines

Submitting a YA Program Application and Grant

How Can I Ensure My Program Grant Will be Awarded?

Grant Management - Expenditures/Match Form

Approved YA career programs in Wisconsin

Skills Standards Checklist

Career Clusters and Programs of Study - The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction identifies "Career Clusters" as broad occupational groupings that serve as an organizing tool, categorizing common knowledge and skill sets for secondary and post-secondary education. Career Clusters use 16 broad groups of occupations and 79 pathways (sub-groups).