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Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship Coordinators are the backbone of the local Youth Apprenticeship program operations, coordinating the efforts of the many partners involved with serving students in the local consortium.

Program Information

Responsibilities in the YA Program

YA Coordinator Planning Calendar

Requirements for the YA Employment

Legal Requirements Governing YA Student Employment

Requirements for YA Related Technical Instruction

Work-based Learning Options

Program Operation

Starting a YA Program

Program Administration

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Regulations, Policies and Procedures Manual (2018)

Operational Procedures

Program Funding

Operating a YA Program

Planning for Required Activities

Recruit, Enroll and Certify YA Students

Planning for Youth Apprenticeship: A Calendar for Participants

Grant Information

The purpose of the grant is to sustain and expand the statewide youth apprenticeship program. All local partnerships must be approved by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to operate a Youth Apprenticeship Program.

Operating a YA Program

Submitting a YA Program Application and Grant

How Can I Ensure My Program Grant Will be Awarded?

Grant Management - Expenditures/Match Form

Career Programs

Approved YA career programs in Wisconsin

Skills Standards Checklist

Career Clusters and Programs of Study - The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction identifies "Career Clusters" as broad occupational groupings that serve as an organizing tool, categorizing common knowledge and skill sets for secondary and post-secondary education. Career Clusters use 16 broad groups of occupations and 79 pathways (sub-groups).


Youth Apprenticeship Forms and Publications

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Regulations, Policies and Procedures Manual (2018)

WI Youth Apprenticeship Media Packet

Guidance of Sharing Success of YA

Submit Success Stories/YA Events

Waiver Form

YA Day

YA Day: Event Suggestions

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