Become A Youth Apprentice

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The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program exists for the sole purpose of preparing students academically and technically to successfully participate in the workforce.

How do I become a youth apprentice?

How do I become a youth apprentice?

When can I start?

Program Start and Completion


As early as JUNE after sophomore year or as late as JUNE after the Junior year for a Level Two

As early as JUNE after junior year for a Level One senior year or as late as FALL of the senior year


By high school graduation

By AUGUST 31 following high school graduation

Extensions beyond August 31st may be granted - submit request in writing to DWD at:
YA Program, DWD, P.O. Box 7972, Madison, WI 53707-7922

Youth Apprenticeship: Student Responsibilities Flowchart (Text only)

Youth Apprentice Responsibilities

  • Obtain career materials (plans of study) from your school
  • Work with your local YA coordinator to interview for job placements
  • Arrangement for transportation to and from work
  • Exhibit maturity and responsibility at work
  • Maintain academic skills and good attendance at school and work

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