Construction Pathway, Electrical Fundamentals Unit

DSPS Registration and Instruction Requirements

All YA Construction Electrical Fundamentals students must be registered with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), and any YA student planning to enroll in a Level Two (2 year) Electrical program must take some related instruction approved by DSPS.

Any individual, regardless of age, who is doing installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical wiring is required to hold some type of individual Wisconsin electrical license or registration and to work under the supervision of a Wisconsin master electrician. Registered Electrician is the best fit for YA students. Each youth apprentice working in the Electrical Fundamentals unit should complete and submit a Registered Electrician – Licenses/Permits/Registrations application, along with the required $35 application and credential fees. The Registered Electrician credential has no requirements for applying but does require renewal after one year.

At the point of renewal, the credential holder must have obtained at least 24 hours of continuing education from a course that has been pre-approved by DSPS; these courses must be approved before the student enrolls. (See DSPS Trades Renewal Requirements web page for a list of approved courses for earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs), including approved online course options.)

To obtain course approval a timed outline of the course describing the topics and the time to be spent on each topic must be submitted to DSPS. Some technical college course offerings may already qualify. DWD allows youth apprenticeship grant funds to pay for this licensure trade requirement.

If you have questions concerning the electrician licensing, please email