Unemployment Insurance - Worker Classification

Part 2: Six of Nine Conditions - General Private Employers

Condition Nine - Not Economically Dependent (Case Studies)

The individual is not economically dependent upon a particular employing unit with respect to the services being performed.

Note: This condition in the new law is one of the factors used in the current law applicable to government units and nonprofit organizations. Therefore, cases under the new law are listed first, followed by cases under the law applicable to government units and nonprofit organizations that also address this condition.

Case Studies Relevant to Condition Nine

LIRC decisions

Not economically dependent:

Economically dependent:

LIRC cases decided under the current law applicable to government units or nonprofit organizations:

Further Reading and Research

Read and research further LIRC, circuit court and court of appeals cases on Condition Nine:

  • EE 450.02i - Employee - s. 108.02(12)(bm)2.i. – economic dependence

Relevant cases under the law for government units and nonprofit organizations:

  • EE 411 - s. 108.02(12)(c) - direction and control/independently established tests, generally;
  • EE 413 - Employee - s.108.02(12)(c)2. - "independently established"
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