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12.2 Requirements | 12.2.8 Signature Requirements

12.2.8 Signature Requirements

Effective date: July 1, 2022

DWD-DET does not require career planners to collect signatures from parents and/or legal guardians on any forms related to WIOA Title I Programs for applicants and/or participants under age 18.1 Local WDBs and/or their services providers may not establish a requirement to collect signatures from parents and/or legal guardians and may not refuse service to youth on the basis of not obtaining such signature(s). A parent/guardian signature requirement could create an unintended barrier to accessing services for underrepresented populations of youth, thus limiting participation

Parent/legal guardian signatures are required for apprenticeship contracts and work permits for minors, except emancipated minors.2 These are issued separately from WIOA Title I programs and are considered binding contracts.3 Parent or guardian signatures are also not required on Individual Service Strategies.4