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12.2 Requirements | 12.2.7 Retention of CARES, Unemployment Insurance, IRIS, etc. Screens

12.2.7 Retention of CARES, Unemployment Insurance, IRIS, etc. Screens

Effective date: September 1, 2020

Revised date: October 1, 2020

CARES (TANF/W-2/FoodShare), Host on Demand/UIBNet (Unemployment Insurance), IRIS (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation), and other program participant tracking system screens that require authorized access through data sharing agreements must not be printed and placed in the participant's file. Placing these screen prints in the participant's file can result in unauthorized viewing of information protected through data sharing agreements. Pertinent data needed from these screens may be reported on either the Verbal Verification Form or Document Verification Form.

However, if an individual receives documentation directly from an agency documenting their eligibility for and/or receipt of benefits and shares this with their career planner for proof of eligibility or other required registration data, then this documentation may be placed in the participant's file since it is not protected through a data sharing agreement. (Example: Screens from the participant's My UI Portal may be printed and retained in the file, but screens from Host on Demand or UIBNet accessed by staff may not.)