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11.5 Primary Indicators of Performance | 11.5.9 Effectiveness in Serving Employers

11.5.9 Effectiveness in Serving Employers

Effective date: October 15, 2018


Effectiveness in Serving Employers is a shared indicator across all six WIOA core programs. States will report the Effectiveness in Serving Employers indicator(s) to US DOL and US DOE as a combined statewide measure annually.1 The reporting period is the program year.2 This policy provides specific procedures Wisconsin DWD will follow when calculating effectiveness in serving employers indicators.

US DOL and DOE established a pilot program in the Information Collection Request (ICR) (OMB Control 1205-0526) approved June 29, 2016.3 States were required to choose at least two of the three indicators for reporting data. Wisconsin selected "Repeat Business Customers" and "Employer Penetration Rate."

DOL and DOE originally expected to identify a permanent, standardized indicator to replace the pilot approaches by the beginning of PY 2019. However, DOL and DOE announced in the federal register from March 6, 2018, they will conduct nationwide surveys and interviews with state WIOA administrators and employers to refine the indicator.4 They anticipate this process will require 36 months to complete. Upon selection and notification of a permanent Effectiveness in Serving Employers indicator, this policy will be revised to address reporting of the new indicator.

The three approaches authorized in the pilot were:

  1. Participant Retention with Same Employer
    • Number of participants who exited during the reporting period who were employed by the same employer during the 2nd quarter after exit and the 4th quarter after exit DIVIDED BY the number of participants who exited during the reporting period.
  2. Employer Penetration (Selected by Wisconsin for Pilot Years)
    • The total number of establishments, as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Earnings and Wages (QCEW) program that receives a service or, if it is an ongoing activity, are continuing to receive a service or other assistance during the reporting period DIVIDED BY the number of total establishments, as defined by the QCEW program, located within the state during the final month or quarter of the reporting period.
  3. Repeat Business Customers (Selected by Wisconsin for Pilot Years)
    • Number of establishments served during the past three years who have continued to receive a service DIVIDED BY number of establishments served during the past three years.

The Effectiveness in Serving Employers is a shared indicator. All business service activity recorded in JCW Business from all Wisconsin's WIOA Core and Partner programs assist the state in the calculation of this performance indicator. States are to identify an agency that will submit the Effectiveness in Serving Employers report to either US DOL or US DOE on behalf of the state's WIOA programs. Wisconsin DWD Division of Employment Training (DET) will submit annual reports to the Employment Training Administration (ETA) through the Workforce Information Performance System (WIPS) on behalf of all WIOA Core Programs.


  • WIOA Core and Partner Programs (DET WIOA programs, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and local workforce development boards established under WIOA Sec. 106) report business services in the JCW Business application, consistent with DET Admin. Memo dated December 18, 2017 "Official Designation of JCW Business as the System of Record for Reporting WIOA Business Services."
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Division of Employment Training (DET): responsible for submission of the annual report for the Effectiveness in Serving Employers indicators on behalf of all of Wisconsin's WIOA Core Programs.
  • Director, Bureau of Workforce Training: Approval authority for WIOA state and local performance report submissions to US DOL.

Reporting Employer Penetration Rate denominator using QCEW Data

  • Wisconsin will use the establishment count from the website: http://www.bls.gov/cew to determine the denominator for the Employer Penetration Rate.
  • The latest available establishment count from the BLS website may not be the last quarter of the report period of the Employer Penetration Rate.5 QCEW figures typically have 6 months of lag time prior to release. Wisconsin will use the QCEW's establishment count from the most recent quarter available for the state and when applicable, local areas. The most recent quarter available must have figures populated on the BLS.gov website for each of Wisconsin's counties.
  • DWD will indicate on the WIPS submission in the comments section which quarter QCEW establishment count was used in the calculation.
  • The latest quarter may be preliminary (denoted with a 'p'). The QCEW notes that any changes from preliminary to final are usually minor.
  • The establishment count accessed on September 1st or the first business day following, if September 1st is not a business day, is reported on the annual report. For any ad hoc reports that are not the annual report, the date and quarter that the establishment data was pulled from BLS must be annotated.

Business Services that count for performance indicators

  • The Business Services in JCW Business that qualify for an establishment for performance reporting are listed in the Resource Box. These services may change upon approval of the permanent federal indicator of performance.