WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Ch. 11) Performance Accountability and Reporting

11.5 Primary Indicators of Performance

11.5.4 Unsubsidized Employment during the 4th Quarter after Exit (Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs)

Effective date: August 7, 2017

Definition: The percentage of program participants who were in unsubsidized employment during the fourth quarter after exit from the program. Employment includes unsubsidized employment, registered apprenticeship and military service.

This indicator includes participants who exit during the report period.

Participants with the following "Other Reasons for Exit" (Exclusions*) are not included:

* See the exclusions portion of this chapter for definitions.

Data Sources:

Figure 11.5.1: Exits

Graphic indicates the exit timeframe for second and fourth quarters after exit. Displays a monthly timeline beginning July 2016 ending July 2018. PY 2016 Quarter 1 is July 2016 to October. PY 2016 Quarter 2 is October to January 2017. PY 2016 Quarter 3 is January 2017 to April. PY 2016 Quarter 4 is April to July. PY 2017 Qusarter 1 is July to October. PY 2017 Quarter 2 is October to January 2018. PY 2017 Quarter 3 is January to April. PY 2017 Quarter 4 is April to July. The Exit arrow points to June 2017, in PY 2016 Quarter 4. An oval labled 2nd Quarter Employment and Median Esarnings surrounds PY 2017 Quarter 2. An oval labeled 4th Quarter Employment surrounds PY 2017 Quarter 4. The caption states the exit date is June 1st during Q4 PY 2016. The 2nd Quarter after exit is Q2 PY 2017 and the 4th Quarter after exit is Q4 PY 2017.