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10.6 Youth Incentive Payments | 10.6.3 Activities that Local WDBs Cannot Incentivize

10.6.3 Activities that Local WDBs Cannot Incentivize

Effective date: September 4, 2018

Revision date: August 26, 2021

Local WDBs cannot use WIOA funds for incentives to motivate activities that are not directly tied to work experience, education, or training-related program milestones. Prohibited activities include those related to recruitment, submitting eligibility documentation, and participating in the program.1 Specific examples of activities for which local WDBs cannot use WIOA funds to provide incentive payments include:

  • Enrolling in WIOA Youth Program services
  • Referring a friend to the WIOA Youth Program
  • Providing documentation/information for program eligibility
  • Attending career counseling sessions or career awareness activities
  • Choosing a career pathway
  • Communicating/keeping in touch with Youth Program staff
  • Participating in services
  • Researching Labor Market Information (LMI) data
  • Completing financial literacy education activities, including completion of a budget
  • Completing a wellness plan
  • Completing driver's education for a regular (non-commercial) driver's license or earning a regular (non-commercial) driver's license2

Local WDBs may leverage non-WIOA funds for incentives that WIOA cannot fund.

  • 1TEGL 21-16, p.10
  • 2 Guidance received during US DOL Youth-State Liaisons Call on 07/20/21. DOL Federal Project Officer advised that WIOA funds may not be used to incentivize obtaining a driver's license; the license itself is the incentive.