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10.2 Program Design | 10.2.4 Individual Service Strategy

10.2.4 Individual Service Strategy

Effective date: January 1, 2019

Career planners must work with each participant to develop an individual service strategy (ISS) that identifies:

  1. the participant's education and employment goals;
  2. appropriate achievement objectives that will help lead to goal attainment;

  3. the program elements that will help lead to goal attainment.1

The participant's education and employment goals must identify an appropriate career pathway for the participant,2 and the overall ISS must be a plan for successful achievement of one or more of the WIOA performance indicators.3 All program elements provided to a youth participant must align with the goals identified in the youth's ISS.4

Development of the ISS is a required component of the youth enrollment process.5 It is developed after the objective assessment and is based on the results of the objective assessment.6

Note: The career planner does not need to create an ISS with a new participant if it is appropriate to use a recent ISS developed under another education or training program.7 In this context, DWD-DET defines "recent" as having been completed within the previous six months.8

Career planners must update the youth's ISS on an ongoing basis by documenting the program elements provided, the participant's progress, activities completed, benchmarks reached and any other accomplishments, regardless of who provides the program element.9 Additionally, the ISS must be updated to reflect new and/or removed program elements. Updates are captured in the "Manage Customer Notes" page in the Automated System Support for Employment and Training (ASSET).