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9.2 Rapid Response Program Funding | 9.2.3 Rapid Response Annual Allotment Grant

9.2.3 Rapid Response Annual Allotment Grant

Effective date: July 1, 2022

Rapid Response Annual Allotment Grants provide local WDBs with a dedicated source of funding to support Rapid Response activities. They are intended to provide the local WDBs with financial resources to carry out the local Rapid Response Program, on behalf of DWD and consistent with DWD-DET's requirements. The Rapid Response Annual Allotment must be used for building, maintaining, and operating the local Rapid Response Program, which includes staff and related costs for planning, coordination, and provision of local Rapid Response activities. Based on funding availability, grants are awarded to each local WDB every program year, typically at the end of June. There are no eligibility criteria and there is no application process for Annual Allotment Grants.

Rapid Response Annual Allotment Grants must be used for Rapid Response activities as described in Chapter 9 Rapid Response. These funds may not be used for costs for Bureau of Job Service staff or costs associated with the provision of training and supportive services for WIOA Title I program participants.