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9.2 Rapid Response Program Funding | 9.2.1 Federal to State

9.2.1 Federal to State

Effective date: July 1, 2022

The state receives an annual allotment for its Dislocated Worker program provided by WIOA funding, this process is outlined Chapter 3.1 WIOA Allocation Process. Of this funding the state may reserve up to 25-percent of its annually allocated Dislocated Worker Program funds for Rapid Response activities. DWD-DET determines, on an annual basis, how much funding to reserve for Rapid Response activities.1 In addition to providing the required Rapid Response activities, a state may use its reserve to fund direct career services for participants through "additional assistance" to local areas experiencing increases of unemployment due to natural disasters, mass layoffs, or other events.2 Wisconsin's "additional assistance" policies and procedures are located in Chapter 9.2.5 Additional Assistance Grants.

Rapid Response funds that remain unobligated for one program year may be used to carry out statewide activities.3 Generally, these funds may be used for:

  • planning and delivering job loss prevention;
  • increasing the reemployment rate;
  • building business and other stakeholder relationships;
  • building and maintaining early warning networks and systems; and
  • supporting efforts to allow long-term unemployed workers to return to work.4

Note: Additional information on statewide activities is available in part 9.4.1 Required Rapid Response Activities.