WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Ch. 8) Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

8.3 Program Design

8.3.1 Order of Services

Effective date: December 13, 2020

DWD-DET requires the following order of services1 for the Adult Program and Dislocated Worker Program:

  • An Eligibility Determination service must be completed prior to the start of any other service.2
  • Career planners must provide an Initial Assessment3 service to all participants prior to developing an individual employment plan (IEP).
  • Career planners and participants must complete and acknowledge4 an initial IEP before a participant receives any of the following:
    1. another participation-causing career service other than Initial Assessment or Comprehensive Individualized or Specialized Assessments;
    2. a training service;5
    3. a supportive service.

Except for DWD-DET's requirements outlined above, there is no required order of services for career services.6 This means there is no requirement to provide basic career services before providing individualized career services.7 Career planners are to provide services in a manner that best meets individuals' needs.8

Additionally, DWD-DET prohibits local policy/procedures or individual career planner practices that require a standard order of services before participants receive training services.

  • 1 Under WIOA, there is no sequence of service (see TEGL 19-16, p. 3); however, to operationalize WIOA and comply with 20 CFR § 680.110, DWD-DET requires a limited order of services.
  • 2 20 CFR § § 680.110, 680.120, 680.130, and 680.220(a) require individuals to have received a determination of eligibility in order to receive services.
  • 3 The full name of this service in ASSET is Initial Assessment of Interests, Skill Level & Supportive Service Needs.
  • 4 DWD-DET is using the term "acknowledge" to mean "to accept" or "to agree to. " DWD-DET requires participants and career planners to acknowledge an IEP in one of the following ways: electronically acknowledging it using the Employment Plan tool that career planners access through the Comprehensive Employment Planning Toolkit (CEPT) and that participants access through Jobcenterofwisconsin.com; signing an electronic or printed copy; or stating in an email that they accept the IEP.
  • 5 20 CFR § 680.220(a)
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