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7.7 ETP Performance Reports | 7.7.2 Wisconsin's ETP Reporting and Publishing Procedure

7.7.2 Wisconsin's ETP Reporting and Publishing Procedure

Effective date: February 14, 2020

DWD-DET is responsible for preparing and timely submitting the annual ETP performance report to the U.S. Department of Labor. DWD-DET has designed its initial and continued eligibility procedures in a manner that collects all the information needed to complete the report. The information DWD-DET collects from institutions as part of its eligibility procedures is listed in 7.4.8 Information Requirements and includes a file of individual-level student information for each program displayed on Wisconsin's ETPL. DWD-DET uses the individual-level student information to identify the students' employment and wage outcomes, as specified in the ETA-9171, based on the state's Unemployment Insurance data.

When publishing aggregated student performance outcomes for the public, DWD-DET does not display outcomes for any program with seven or fewer enrolled individuals.1