WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Ch. 7) Individual Training Accounts and Eligible Training Programs

7.7 ETP Performance Reports

7.7.1 Overview

Effective date: February 14, 2020

States must submit an annual Eligible Training Program (ETP) performance report to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).1 The performance report template, ETA-9171, outlines the data elements that must be reported for each program of study included on a state's Eligible Training Programs List (ETPL);2 this includes data on the primary indicators of performance for all students in the program of study, regardless of WIOA participation.3 When submitting the ETA-9171 to DOL, states must include a separate record for each program of study on their ETPL, even if the program did not serve any WIOA participants during the reporting period.4 States submit the annual ETP performance report to DOL via the Workforce Integrated Performance System, which is DOL's Employment and Training Administration's performance reporting portal.5 The report is due by October 1, each year, unless DOL directs otherwise.6

DOL encourages states to adopt approaches to collect the information for the ETPL performance report that (1) leverage the information collected from training providers during the initial ETPL application and continued eligibility processes and (2) minimize the burden on training institutions participating on the ETPL.7 For example, DOL encourages the states to perform employment and wage matching using the state's unemployment insurance data, rather than place the burden on training institutions to provide this information.8

States must also make the annual ETP performance report publicly available online and provide a link to the report in the annual State performance report to DOL.9 The information made publicly available cannot reveal personally identifiable information (PII); however, all data must be reported to DOL to comply with ETP performance report requirements, regardless of the states' rules for data suppression.10

States are not required to submit performance information for registered apprenticeship programs included on their ETPLs; however, if a registered apprenticeship program voluntarily submits performance information, the information must be included on the ETP performance report.11