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7.4 ETPL Eligibility | 7.4.4 Wisconsin&39;s Initial Eligibility Procedure

7.4.4 Wisconsin's Initial Eligibility Procedure

Effective date: September 2, 2019

Revised date: January 9, 2020

Revised date: January 20, 2020

Revised date: March 16, 2022

The following is DWD-DET's initial eligibility process:

  1. A representative from a training institution submits an Institution Application through the ETPL Provider Portal. An Institution Application may be submitted at any time.
  2. DWD-DET reviews the Institution Application to determine whether the institution meets the Institution Minimum Requirements. If the training institution does not meet the Institution Minimum Requirements, it is ineligible for Wisconsin's ETPL.
  3. If the institution meets the Institution Minimum Requirements, DWD-DET classifies the institution as either "Standard" or "Alternate."
    1. A Standard institution can add one or more training programs to the ETPL website through the ETPL Provider Portal if it supplies all required program-level information for each program in the ETPL Provider Portal, which includes individual-level information for all students enrolled in the training program for the three most recently completed program years (if applicable).
    2. An Alternate institution must submit a program application to DWD-DET through the ETPL Provider Portal for each training program it would like added to the ETPL website. DWD-DET will determine if the training program meets the alternate eligibility criteria. If the training program does, the institution may publish the program to the ETPL website once it supplies all the required program-level information, including the individual-level student information referenced above, in the ETPL Provider Portal.

  4. Note: Institutions that are part of Wisconsin's Technical College System (WTCS) are not required to submit the file of individual-level information for all students if the training program is recognized by the WTCS Office (i.e., the WTCS Office has assigned the program a unique identification number). The WTCS Office submits the required performance information for these programs to DWD-DET directly. Institution staff must, however, submit the individual-level student information for any program not recognized by the WTCS Office (also referred to as a "local program").

Registered apprenticeship sponsors are not subject to the same eligibility requirements as other training institutions.1 See Section 7.8 Registered Apprenticeships for more information.