WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Chapter 7) Individual Training Accounts and Eligible Training Programs

7.3.2 Eligible Program Types

Effective date: September 2, 2019

Revised date: January 20, 2020

Institutions must offer a program of training services through one or more courses/classes or a structured regime.1 Programs may be delivered in-person, online, or through a blended approach of in-person and online.2 Successful completion of the program must lead to one or more of the following outcomes:

Note: Training programs may include non-credentialed training or single courses that fall within a career pathway.4

Recognized Postsecondary Credential

Effective date: September 2, 2019

A recognized postsecondary credential is:

  • an industry-recognized certificate or certification
  • a Certificate of Completion of a Registered Apprenticeship
  • a license recognized by the state or federal government
  • OR
  • an associate or bachelor's degree.

WIOA Sec. 3(52)

Note: DOL has indicated a hesitation to define "industry recognized credential" because it is "an evolving term and defining it in the regulation may limit future innovation around industry-relevant training." 81 FR 56172