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7.1 Individual Training Accounts | 7.1.8 Funding a Segment of a Program

7.1.8 Funding a Segment of a Program

Effective Date: January 24, 2022

Training programs published on Wisconsin's Eligible Training Programs List (ETPL) may be comprised of multiple courses/classes.1 DWD-DET allows an ITA to be used to fund one or more courses/classes that are part of an approved program on Wisconsin's ETPL, even if the participant does not intend to complete all of the courses/classes that combine to form the approved training program. DWD-DET refers to this scenario as using an ITA to fund a "segment" of a training program on Wisconsin's ETPL.

If an ITA is used to fund a segment of a training program, the career planner must do the following:

  1. Open an "occupational classroom" or "occupational skills training" service in ASSET and associate that service with the ITA Program ID for the training program that contains the segment of interest.
  2. In that service, add a note in the comments box indicating that the participant is taking a smaller segment of the training program. Indicate which course(s)/class(es) of the program will be covered by the ITA. Also include the ITA amount, specifying the cost(s) associated with the smaller segment. The career planner may need to contact the training institution to obtain the cost information associated with the smaller segment.
  3. When the participant exits the smaller segment, the ASSET service must be marked as "Did not complete this service"2 since the participant did not complete the full training program. The comments box must also be updated to reflect whether the participant completed the segment.
  4. Report in ASSET any Measurable Skill Gain and any credential the participant earned while or upon completing the segment.