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7.0 ETPL Transition Guidance | 7.0.2 2022 ETPL Transition Guidance

7.0.2 2022 ETPL Transition Guidance

Effective date: March 16, 2022

Revised date: May 31, 2022


The Department of Workforce Development – Division of Employment and Training (DWD-DET) has made numerous updates to its ETPL policies and processes, including updates to:

  • section 7.3.1 Eligible Institution Types;
  • section 7.3.2 Eligible Program Types;
  • section 7.4.4 Wisconsin's Initial Eligibility Procedure;
  • section 7.4.5 Wisconsin's Continued Eligibility Procedure;
  • section 7.4.6 Institution Minimum Requirements;
  • section 7.4.7 Standard vs. Alternate Classification and Eligibility Criteria;
  • section 7.8.2 Wisconsin's Procedures for Registered Apprenticeships
  • Wisconsin's ETPL Agreement; and
  • the ETPL Provider Portal.

Many of the updates were made to help ensure that training programs published on Wisconsin's ETPL comply with both WIOA authority and Wisconsin State approval and/or licensing requirements for training institutions and their programs.

As part of these changes, some institutions will need to provide additional information and/or supporting documentation, through the ETPL Provider Portal, to show their compliance with the updated requirements. DWD-DET anticipates that changes to the ETPL Provider Portal that address these updated requirements will be deployed in late Spring 2022.

New Institution and Program Applications

DWD-DET is following the new requirements for all new ETPL institution and program applications. Please note – this means going forward, DWD-DET will only publish an Alternate institution's training program to Wisconsin's ETPL if it meets the criteria outlined in section 7.4.7 for Alternate institutions. DWD-DET may instruct institutions to provide supporting documentation via email, until the changes to the ETPL Provider Portal are deployed.

It may be necessary for DWD-DET to temporarily cease accepting new institution and program applications prior to the deploy of the updated ETPL Provider Portal. DWD-DET will notify all existing ETPL Provider Portal users should this occur.

Existing Institutions and Programs

All existing institutions that meet the new Standard classification criteria will not need to reapply; however, they will need to sign a new ETPL Agreement. DWD-DET will notify the institution Officers when the new agreement is ready for their review and signature. If the Officer fails to sign the new ETPL Agreement, the institution and its programs may be subject to termination from Wisconsin's ETPL.

Once the updates to the ETPL Provider Portal are deployed, all institutions currently approved for Wisconsin's ETPL that do not meet the new Standard classification criteria will need to reapply if they wish to continue to have training programs published on Wisconsin's ETPL. DWD-DET will notify all impacted institutions when the reapplication window starts. The reapplication window will last for 60 calendar days. During that time, ETPL Provider Portal users will need to submit some additional information through the portal and the institution's Officer will need to sign a new ETPL Agreement. DWD-DET will then make a new eligibility determination based on the updated eligibility criteria. DWD-DET will terminate institution and program eligibility following this reapplication window if (a) the institution fails to timely submit the additional information or (b) the institution fails to meet the updated eligibility criteria. If termination of eligibility occurs, the institution may always reapply at a later date.

Recommended Action Steps for Training Institutions

DWD-DET encourages institutions to take the following steps in preparation for the reapplication window:

  1. Review section 7.4.7. If your institution meets the new Standard classification criteria, it will not need to reapply to Wisconsin's ETPL.
  2. If your institution is considered an Alternate according to section 7.4.7, review the new requirements that pertain to your institution.
    • Your institution may need to either be approved by Wisconsin's Educational Approval Program (EAP) or produce documentation from the EAP showing that the institution is exempted from its oversight. More information for the EAP can be found on the EAP's website.
    • If your institution offers a training program that must be approved or licensed by another Wisconsin state agency or board, be prepared to show documentation of that approval or licensure if DWD-DET requests it.
    • Your institution will need to submit a legible copy of its Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) designation letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
    • Your institution will need a Federal Unique Entity Identifier. There is no fee to register for a Federal Unique Entity Identifier. To see if your institution already has this type of ID assigned to it or to create one for free, go to the SAM.gov website.

Contact Information for Questions

Questions relating to Wisconsin's ETPL should be directed to DETETPL@dwd.wisconsin.gov.